Upper Canada and Algonquin Railway

A simple LINK module was constructed one afternoon using left over 1/4" plywood. The module is just under 4 feet long. The interface plates are 12" wide and the sides bow out slightly to about 16" near the middle.

Here is the bottom with access holes removed.

1/4" cross members and 5/8" ply subroadbed were cut to size.

Here's everything assembled and glued with a bead of construction adhesive along the butt joints

After an overnight wait for the glue to dry the finished frame is ready for track and scenic treatment.
Construction time was about 3 hours.

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Yeah really ! And most of it was left overs I had laying around that didn't seem big enough for anything at all, plus that partial tube of adhesive. The whole assembly as it stands now weighs only 8 Lbs. Its really rigid too.

I like !!

Well done.

What's going to be built upon it?

We made it hoping that some new recruit would take it home and finish it up. The idea was that they could very quickly and easily have something they could pop in the trunk or back seat and participate in a set up immediately while contemplating and then constructing something more challenging. I imagine it being a very simply sceniced ( tall weeds/grass and bushes maybe) LINK module that would get us that much more running length.



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