Upper Canada and Algonquin Railway

Yes all scales in CDS are available again as Tom Hood has sold out to Ozark Miniatures and i've confirmed O scale is available with the owner of Ozark Miniaturwes. Some are being made for me right now !!

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Thats great news . What are they making for you? A custom set for your road? 


Question; is the Upper Canada & Algonquin Railway logo available as a decal? What is the name of the font used in the lettering on the design. Whom ever designed the logo should be commended! Are there copyright issues if the design of the logo is kept as is but the lettering is changed to reflect the particular subsidiary railway connected to the UC&A Rwy (much like earlier railways under the Canadian National umbrella). I'm currently working on O Scale structures (Clever Models,LLC) and trying to design a "terminal module" (such as Keg Harbour), using the club's Free-MO30  standards. Damn the black flies! Full speed ahead! 

Hi Mason,

We do not have decals or transfers yet but hope to sometime within the next few months. I worked with a graphic artist who sells their services on EBAY for a very reasonable amount. I liked the basic look of the South Park Line herald ( Denver South Park and Pacific ) and asked her to create something with that "flavour" After 3 or 4 iterations we ended up with what you see on the main page. I submitted it to the rest of the group for their approval and it was adopted. She may have started with a standard font but over the course of the development characters got pushed and pulled and stretched and modified till we were happy. 

In our version of history a number of independent roads with their own trade marks decided to merge and this new logo created for the amalgamation. So it would be quite common to see locos and equipment belonging to the new UC&A virtually anywhere on the system with a variety of different markings most not at all similar to the the new herald. So it would probably be inappropriate to design a herald for any of the founding roads that appeared to be a knock off or modification of the new herald. New equipment of course would be lettered for the new UC&A and some older equipment may be redecorated. This allows all kinds of equipment to be run lettered for each members home layout with complete legitimacy.

Regarding the black flies; We will soon be publishing some plans for the Algonquin Short Line RW (my home road) and Black Fly is a junction there where crews try to spend as little time as possible during the spring buggy season and then keep up a full head of steam for a quick get-away. Rob Hupfield has a great talent for pulling great track plans out of the either in between sailing expeditions. Once the ice settles in on Lake Ontario things should start to progress rather rapidly on the UC&A this fall. 

All the best from Upper Canada !!


Hi Lynn,

I thank you for the quick and descriptive response. It is greatly appreciated.

- Mase


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