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Hello guys, i've changed email servers

I'm now @ cathiantrains@gmail.com Not cathiantrains@sasktel.net


I'm trying to find a good way to create a NF210 (CN NFLD Loco ) in ON30.


Heres my idea . I'm taking a HO  Walthers Baby Train master , widening its frame, putting a SW1200 cab on the HO body . The only thing is the cab looks too wide. I left the long hood as it was in HO. Theres also a battery operated toy at Christmas that i cut the cab off of and added to the Walthers engine and it looks reasonable.


Theres a supplier in Australia , but there S scale. So back to Train masters. Maybe i'll cut down the cabs height?


So what you all think , any better ideas( i hope?)


Thx Ian

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Hey there Ian,
I understand the process you are going through. I am hoping to pull off something very similar. I took a liking to the White Pass and Yukon RW DL535's which are related to the ALCO (MLW) RS road switcher locos. ( see the attached photo for reference) For my project I purchased an RSD-15 as starting point for the power and trucks. My thoughts were that I could possibly use the hoods and modify them but the cab would need to scratched in O (1/48) scale. All the HO doors and windows are about 1/2 as large as they need to be in O
First for starters the overall width of the engine should be no wider than say a Bachmann piece of rolling stock.
So possibly the the walkways could be widened leaving the long hood the same width . The height of the long hood would need to be bashed to a new height to match the height of the new cab. So too the short hood porportionately. Of course brake wheels and railings would need to be changed to O scale.
I wondered how the model would look overall as the length would be about 1/2 as long as needed assuming that the narrow guage 535s would be about as long as an RSD-15.( I need to check into that) Would I need to play with the length as well? So I still haven't decided what I will do. I am thinking that a diesel conversion like this is in some ways much tougher than a steam loco bash to On30. We don't want the finished product looking like another HO scale loco or a sawed off O scale engine that looks proportionately too short.
The way I see it we both need to begin with a good 1/48 scale cab of the correct width to match the width of an On30 car and then work from there. A bash of the HO cab may work but it may be easier in the long run to scratch it.



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