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UC&A crew member Peter Preisiger's Cooper and Sawyer Railway has always been a crowd favourite at any of the shows where its made an appearance. One of the things that in my mind really makes it stand out is that the fine modelling work is highly visible by well done lighting. You don't see this done on modules often enough in my opinion. Pete has seemed to have come up with the right formula for achieving that correct degree of intensity for great effect.
Pete, it would be great if you could briefly outline what you used and how it is arranged on the Cooper and Sawyer. My last trip to Lowes proved that there is a lot to choose from in the lighting department. We could all benefit from your experience.


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I remember you presented this concept before. You should get it out of the imagineering phase and build a prototype to see how stable it is.
I couldn`t remember the details of what Pete had done but I figured that what we did structurally with our double sided modules would need to be alot different. So my main interest at this stage was in the kind of fixture used on the C and S and the kind of wattage needed to do a good job and illuminate the module evenly. A little experimentation would give some of these answers but I thought Pete could give us some of his lessons learned as a primer to further design work we may wish to do.

I bought 10' x 1/2" conduit and cut it in half. Used a pipe bender to make L. Mounted L upside down to back of On3 modules with pipe clamps. Mounted 1 x 2 to top leg of L then used clamp on work lights about every 4 feet with 40w bulbs to light the set up. I did have sky panels too but not necessary.

Bill Uffelman
Las Vegas NV


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