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I'm trying to build a Russel snow plow . I 'm trying to convert a Bachmann ON30 caboose .I've shortened it , cut some of the roof away . My problem is getting the correct angle for the wedge blade. The side wings seem easy in comparison . Some one sudgested to me cutting out the blade
shape from paper and then putting this onto plastic or brass sheet .

One advantage is that here in our town of Herbert we have a train museum. And there is a CPR snow plow . I've seen the gondola type plow mounted blade on one end .I really am not interested with this style of plow, though i must say it isquite engeniece . Or maybe i should have started with a box car?

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Hi Ian,

Clever Models, purveyor of detailed cardstock models, has a nice On30 plow available on their "Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock & Critters" DVD. The DVD contains both On30 and HOn30 kits that you print out on your home printer on cardstock (from any office supply source). The kits are already weathered, and if you make a mistake, just print out a new sheet. This particular disk is $29.95 (US) and is available from the Clever Models website: www.clevermodels.net, and no, I don,t receive a commission (although I was instrumental in getting the Clever Model brothers into the West Springfield show. They have a great product in an old fashioned medium.

- Mase

Hi there Mase,

Thanks for the tip. It's been a while since I visited the Clever site. I think I will have to visit again soon and check it out to see what's new.



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