Upper Canada and Algonquin Railway

I've been making flat car bulk heads out of the frames of triang hopper cars as the plastic looks thicker than ho and clser to O scale. As for the large hole for the wheel sets i cover it up with a peice of plastic to simulate tin sheeting.I letter on this instead of the side of the car. I've been offered the approx 600 CDS decal sets in N, HO and O scale . A store near me is going out of business. I'm negotiating a price. He also has ON30 freight cars and  Bachmann steam engines and may sell them at wholesale prices !


The CDS i'm thinking i will resell at some point at 50% less than retail.

I want to know if theres mostly canadian roads and White horse decals sets as cds did make these.


I'll let you all know. And i'm looking for O scale 2 rail 40 ft box cars in CNR. This is why i went on the cds hunt.

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