Upper Canada and Algonquin Railway

For years i've used Railroad colours by Floquil . I went to a Hobby store here in Saskatchewan and found no oil based paint in the colours i wanted !! The clerk sold me on True Scale water/ acrylic paint .

A little research and i found it not air brush ready , i had to delete it with water/ amonia . Then my traditional air brush nossle was too small, so i would have to buy a larger volume nozzle. Also it took 4 applications to get the paint consistency .

The cost was no better, in fact more $9.25 a bottle. So i've found a Canadian source for the oil based again. But with our environmental laws getting tighter this may stop soon . So what do you guys think of water verse oil ?

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Hi Ian,
I have always like the Floquil solvent based paint. It gave me a nice finish and covered well. I haven't had to buy any of the water base so far and therefore have not had any experience with it yet. This is going to be new territory for me too. I am wondering about the performance of one brand versus another.
Now even though it is listed as water base is there not a special thinner that they sell to use with it? Also wondering if the source of the water used to dilute it. Tap water certainly is loaded with all kinds of interesting stuff and could that possibly affect the way it performs.
What was your main concern? Coverage?

Ok i've tryed Badger and now True Line paint and it clogs my nozzle. So i called another guy like myself that does custom painting of models. His sudgestion 70 % water/ aculyne paint 10% isopropynol 10 % distilled water 10%
amonia or it clumps and runs and streeks.

True line paint's lable says air brush ready , not so according to other custom painters and modelers i know.
My main concern is , you have a great air brush , you paint with this water based paint and it won't penetrate your nozzle or it clumps. So i want to let you guys know before you tear your air gun apart or try to do a project that you need to thin with the formula i've given, and buy a wider coverage nozzle. Coverage 5 coats as apposed to 1 with oil based paint from Floquil RR Colours.
Hi . . thanks for the tip. I just did a 5 minute quick search on this subject and there is a wealth of info on this subject and problems/solutiions that may crop up. Although I have not as yet tried to spray acrylics I have always wondered if the surface tension of the water might be a factor (ie the water is not wet enough and beads up on the surface to be coated ???) So while water can be used to thin, something else that is "wetter" might be better like the stuff the paint manufacturer sells. One guy reported a quality problem with Poly S thinner and suggested that Acryl Airbrush Thinner may be a better choice.
I'm going to try to stick with solvent based taking appropriate safety precautions as appropriate.

I agree and i'm staying with the same


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